Gas phase (volatile) filter

The LPG gas (volatile) phase filter is mainly responsible for the quality of the gaseous fuel supplied to the injectors, which, depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the gas installation, is replaced every 10-15 thousand. km. It is this filter that retains the most harmful oil fractions for injectors,

The gas phase filter is an element of the LPG gas installation installed in cars. The gas phase filter is located between the reducer and gas injectors. It purifies the gas when it is in the gas phase. The main task of the filter is to protect the most valuable components of the gas installation - injectors.

Liquid phase filters

Liquid phase filters do not have such a direct impact on LPG injectors as gas phase filters. However, this does not mean that they should not be replaced. Liquid LPG filter cartridges are replaced every 20-30 thousand. km depending on the recommendations of the LPG system manufacturer.

Liquid phase filters are one of the basic parts of a car LPG gas installation. The liquid phase filter is mounted between the gas tank and the evaporator. It cleans LPG from impurities while it is still in the liquid (liquid) phase.

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